Steps in building a quality website
    1. Knowledge.

    Our web development team learns from you in order to determine what bells and whistles you want on your website. We also want to know what color scheme and layout you desire. If you can find a couple of sites that you feel are fabulous feel free to provide us with the web address to them. This will help us get a better idea of what you want. After we receive your list of desired features for the site we’ll put together a website design proposal. The proposal will list all the website’s specifications and cost. After agreeing to the proposal we’ll put everything in a signed agreement that lays out the responsibilities of us, the developers and you, the client.

    2. Layout and Design.

    In this step, we install the actual content management system and then mold it to meet your specifications. You’ll be able to see your site at this time. We will make sure it meets all your specifications of appearance before moving to the implementation step.

    3. Implementation.

    The site is live for you and your developer only. You will have the opportunity to test different features such as your contact form, maps, social media links and other features that you requested to be installed.

    4. Feedback.
    You communicate with us your concerns or issues so we can correct them in a timely manner.

    5. Launch and Training.
    Now that you are happy with your new website’s appearance and functionality we will train you how to use it. We’ll schedule a tutorial session to explain the basic steps in accomplishing several procedures such as logging in to your administrator panel, adding an image, editing a post or page, and adding a menu item. We’ll also provide you with written instructions on how to accomplish these tasks.

What we do

Teamyates Enterprises LLC

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